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When people ask us how long we've been "doing video", I honestly don't know what to say. I remember using my parents huge JVC camcorder in the 90's to "direct" my siblings in "music videos" during our summers out of school. Josh bought me my first DSLR camera when we were 17. From that point on, cameras went everywhere with me. When we were 22, we were invited to film in Dubai and Zambia with a missions team. I was working in sign permitting in a little cubicle and I was dreaming of doing something that I loved. We took a leap and experienced two life-changing trips. We learned what it means to tell a story. We cried behind our cameras while listening to stories of hope. We edited pieces that have raised thousands of dollars for those in need. When we landed from our first trip in 2016, I knew that I wanted to continue to tell stories through the art of film.


Josh and I met in 4th grade in Frisco, Texas. We quickly became friends and remained so until Josh asked me on a date our sophomore year. We married in 2013 and quickly realized that marriage is SO different than dating, even though we had known each other for so long. Marriage requires daily choices, commitment, and God's leadership to survive in a world that offers so many options. As God transformed our relationship, we became passionate about marriage and are huge advocates for walking in vulnerability, intimacy, and community! 

So, we've combined two passions through Wonderlight Wedding Films:

Videography & Marriage.


We're not just interested in your wedding day. 

We're interested in a loving, lasting marriage that will go through good times and bad while choosing to remember why you said "yes". We pray you will revisit these captured memories in the seasons ahead and feel the love from all those years ago. 

-Sydney & Josh-

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"More than a wedding.

It's your story."


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